Mark making/Diptych

The mark making assignment allowed me to become more familiar with the tools available to me by essentially testing out how I could use them in a variety of ways to help better carry out what I was trying to express. The techniques and patterns that I had practiced using in the mark-making grids were carried out onto the diptych assignment in which I conveyed two contrasting emotions and concepts related to anxiety or fear and curiosity. As for choosing my contrasting concepts and emotions, I was careful to choose two that would always pertain to my personality. I then went on to seeing which patterns that I had already worked with in testing the different sharpies, graphite, and pencils corresponded best to these emotions and flowed with my concept until I knew how best to compose my diptych all the while paying attention and applying to the different elements and principles of design to further enhance the concept. I would like to purse the concepts with the use of different mediums or even produce patterns that I feel best represents emotions.

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