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b. status & direction for Bridge 3

I was very drawn to this photograph by Alfredo Camisa of Mondina, located in gallery 850 beside other twentieth-century photography, mainly because of the setting and the strong female presence it holds. Camisa captured a young woman in Italy post World War II, after the defeat of fascism. Mondine women became symbols of female strength and empowerment through their donning shorts and brimmed hats.

The photograph in itself feels very intimate yet real and informative as she is lying down on a bed that is almost the width of the entire room, clothes hanging in the back, undone sheets, and objects scattered a little everywhere. The grittiness and quality of the photo enhances the humanistic appeal which is what caught my eye instantly. She represents the same female empowerment and strength my magazine is in the process of portraying. The direct gaze holds such lasting and impactful meaning on the viewer because of its authenticity and rawness.

This inspired me to work with a more lifestyle, documentary based photo series that would project a few women in America today. I want to capture their aura and how certain clothing pieces make women feel more confident and empowered in an age where women are on the rise in pop culture and in politics.


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