Summary of the Group Discussion

When we first choose the theme of solidarity, we all had an idea of what it was but wanted to make sure it was correct so we googled what solidarity meant. Google gave us the definition of; “unity or agreement of feeling or action, especially among individuals with a common interest; mutual support within a group.” So we all had the right idea of it having to do with standing together or being unified, working together. We were unsure if we wanted to do an object or space to convey solidarity. We were leaning towards more an object because we weren’t sure what space to build to show solidarity. Our first idea was a type of see-saw that would balance four people on it so the idea behind it would be the four people would have to work together to balance it having to support each other. Then our second idea was to make an art installation of solidarity which would be a large sculpture of hands locking with each other that could be placed in a public space. We left our first discussion still unsure of what we wanted to do but soon figured it out thanks to an article we read in seminar class about protestors camping and living in a park together. We thought building a space would be better than an object and decided to build a park and add in that solidarity sculpture to the park as well. We then discussed what the park would have and we liked the look of having it layered and a lot of space to sit and have groups to come together and hang out. We also like it being kind of circular with the sculpture as the centerpiece of the park so people could possibly talk about it and the meaning of it.

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