Assignment #13 – What I love about my neighborhood-interview

I’m not going to lye, interviewing people in Jackson Heights was so hard to do. First off it’s in Nyc which a lot of people don’t want to be bothered and can be rude trying to get someone to talk to you. But the most difficult part was finding some that spoke good English there. I tried to interview so many different people there but they couldn’t understand what I was asking or had little understanding of English so I best I got out was yes or no. The first women I tried to interview was a lady who worked at a Dollar store in Jackson Heights and I asked if this is a good area to live in and she clearly didn’t speak English other then basic words so she looked at me funny and confused and then processed to hand me my stuff and say no. Leaving me confused as well I must add. I then came up with the idea to try getting my nails done so I could possibly talk to the lady doing my nails about Jackson Heights. This was a pretty good plan even though she was Hispanic and was kinda hard to understand at times. I asked how she liked living in Jackson Heights and she said: “well it’s better living here than in Peru even though it’s expensive.” She also proceeded to tell me about how her son and husband live with her and that her grandma was on a plane right now to come stay with them. I saw a lot of children there as well so I took away that its a place where a lot of families reside and people enjoy raising a family there. The last person I interviewed was at a pizza place I found and asked the boy taking my order how he liked living in Jackson Heights? He replied by saying he really enjoys Roosevelt Street when going out with his friends because there is always people out and shops or clubs are open too. He also mentions that living in Jackson Heights is way less expensive than living in Manhattan and a lot of other places in NYC.

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