Bridge 5

Reflection on all the Bridge projects:

Bridge 1:

This project was a great introduction piece to work on with a group to better understand what this class was going to be about and learn more about the definition of constructed environments. I liked how it was a group piece and having communication be a key part of it because we learned by reading the Design Process chapters that communication is a very important part of designing an idea and you really needed it in this project for it to be successful.


Bridge 2:

This piece really helped with learning how to research and using that data to make a visual representation out of it. This also challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and try and figure out graphics more and how to combine data and visual art to create infographics.

Bridge 3:

This piece helped me learn that when presenting your ideas, that it should all be cohesive and uniform. For example, I typed out and designed my mind map online and then when I had other text in my project I hand wrote it so I should have typed it out as well to look more professional.

Bridge 4:



This project combined everything that I learned from each Bridge project to help create this project but I also learned a lot about model making with this project. I went through a lot of different material idea when trying to create this model, learning that there is a lot of trial and error when in the process of creating a design and the final product.

Two Successes:

The first success I would say is, I took and will continue to use the information I learned for the Design Process chapters into every design project and other projects in the future and remember the steps and questions to ask.

The second success would be creating mind maps. I didn’t really know that they were at the beginning of the semester but doing them throughout the semester helped me figure out how to organize my ideas and seeing how my way of thinking can lead to.

Two Failures:

The first failure I had in this class was failing to post my assignments on the Learning Portfolio and not writing my responses to videos or articles. I really wish I was more on top of just posting assignments when I do them and reading my emails more.

My second failure was not going to more workshops during the semester so I could use skills learned in them to enhance my projects in this class and others.

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