2.3 Project 2: DOWN MEMORY LANE


The main goal of this project is to grasp the importance of film theories and editing techniques in storytelling. Based on their retrieved memories, students create an emotionally-charged narrative of a memory or a series of memories. 


– Written story

– Storyboard

– 3-4 min. Video narrative [and installation] 

– Essay 

On the way 

Passion is a deep link to something that you are really interested in. Understanding or finding one’s passion is a long journey. Every one of us has a passion; you could either get master it or leave it. Enzo is a boy who really loves cars in NYC.  When he goes aboard, he doesn’t have any chance to get a car because the traffic and the license problem. Someday, he sits on a building’s rooftop and watches the cars on the high way. His eyes looks worried, looked thoughtful, calm He really wants to drive a car. The rainy day, he sits on the sofa, make up the Lego toys. He looks at every details about the Lego toys. Once he has time, he likes to go to dealer’s show room to feel and experience the new car. But sometimes the door was close. He just imagine he touches the steering wheel, imagine he is driving the car. Even in the evening, he always takes a walk and stand front of window to look through the car in the show room.  When he backs to home, he surfs the website about cars and check the price of cars. Smile on his face every time. One day, he walks around the river, he see the silvercar by Audi.  A rental company. He is surprised the company can let he use his drive license and selects different time. He can’t believe it is true. He checks the information and the car every time. In the weekend, he gets the car finally. He feels like his lifestyle comeback and he drives the car go through seaside highway. The sunset on his face. 


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgIGgkr63aY

The reason that why I chose cars as my inspiration is because it is my passion and what I live for. I like to play car toys since I was 3 years old. Once I was getting 16, I bagged my parents to allow me learning how to drive. In my 18-year-old birthday, I got my qualified driving license. I still can remember the excited and happiness that little book has given to me. I owned my first sport car on the same year as a gift from my father. With his company, my 16 years’ car dreams finally can be placed until I came to New York. New York is a big city, concerning about the problem of traffic jam, parking area, as well as time management, owning a car becomes extremely hard. The longer I stay here, the more I desire a car, a home for me personally, my heart and my soul.  I want to touch the steering wheel and the exhaust from the car, but the reality my drive license and the unfamiliar feeling. So I just bought some Lego cars to achieve my little goal. I use the Lego toy car as the point to show my passion on cars and really want to own a car. The bad weather show that my personal mood, sadness.I use camera to catch different type of rainy day to show the mood. And I close to the toy car very close to give the audience like my view, I really like car and look very details about the Lego toy. The same camera technique on the real car, I “image” go to the show room and look the car very carefully. About myself, I have some action about my mood and eyes focus on the road, all means I can’t leave without a car. Every footage not only around the topic but also have the different emotion and the relation between my passion and cars. A good video, the back music also very important. The whole video I edit 4 musics, it helps me to tell audience the different plots and my feeling. 


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