Drawing/Imaging: Places & Things, Mark Making and Diptych

Diptych Statement:

My diptych panels represent love and hatred. I was inspired by a television serial drama that is the story of four pairs of husbands and wives. In the television drama, almost every husband and wife plays around with another woman and man. As I watched the connections within a love affair, I suddenly thought of the opposing emotions; love and hatred. These two emotions have very opposite meanings but it could be said that they are related to each other in some ways. These feelings arose in people’s minds towards those that they are interested in. The disparity between love and hatred is small because often people’s love turns to hatred. In the panel representing love, a circle, which is in middle top of center, represents something or someone that people love and other waves toward the circle represent the emotion of love. When people love, they want to approach, become closer, and possess the subject. The waves express the mind. One wave overlaps the circle and others stand back at a short distance. It means that people sometimes keep close to the subject and keep an eye on the subject from a distance. Lines indicating waves have a soft edges to indicate love and the lines inside of the waves represent more subtle emotions that are revealed with love. In the panel depicting hatred, an indication of an unclear circle expresses a mind and heart, while triangles present hate. People’s feelings of hatred attack the subject’s heart. Sharp points of triangles express a piercing of the subject’s mind and an approach towards the subject with hate. Also, dots placed randomly indicate reasons why the subject is hated. In the love panel, I used the principle of direction while, in the hatred panel, I used the principle of focal point to describe the mind’s attitude toward the subject. I utilized high key value and low contrast in the love panel because I think that love is pure and I want to use a clean composition to express purity. On the other hand, I presented the hatred panel under cover of darkness by composing with low key value and high contrast to express the extreme feeling of hate. Hatred is a dark feeling, so the composition is dark in general but leaves the space around the unclear circle white.

The Mark Making Grids helped me consider how I would organize the diptych, because I was inspired to use lines within the two panels in a similar way to some of the resulting marks within my Mark Making Grids project. I didn’t get inspiration from specific artworks but every piece that I have learned about so far may have influenced my diptych.


During progressing these two projects, I learned that emotions and sensations can be expressed with abstract way only using lines, shapes or patterns. Sometimes, It was hard to explain what I want to show but after trying to practice Mark Making and approach to complete diptych, I’ve known more about showing my intend by diverse way. I would like to display or make a space or architecture only using abstract shapes, lines and colors to show different theme of each divided space. If each themes are emotions, whole works could represent a person because various emotions are gathered and it makes people.

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