Bridge 5

My name is Jocelyne Cabada and I am a Strategic Design and Management major at Parsons. I minor in fashion communications and when I was admitted, fashion is where most of my interest laid. Now that I have attended studio and seminar I have experienced growth within concepts that are used in design, different use of mediums, and inspiration within my work. Each and every visit to the different museums and spaces was very inspiring for me. Having the opportunity to think and work outside of just a classroom space was a great experience for me.

Conceptually I mainly resonate with the lecture that was taught on liminal space. I was not aware that this concept existed until that day in class and now that I am conscious of what it is it allows me to think differently when I am approaching projects. I have found that most of my work begins conceptually and though some of the prompts were challenging, the ideas that came out of them were more fruitful because I experienced extreme challenge.

When it comes to designing, I had never done more than fashion design when coming to Parsons. Studio was incredible because it allowed me to challenge myself when exploring the use of different mediums. I promised myself that I would try to use a different medium every time I was faced with a new project within the school, so I can leave well-rounded. I became very inspired by Alex’s team project in bridge 4, with the video they created. I initially wanted to use a video but did not know how to approach it in my process, and it was almost like seeing something I had imagined come to life when they presented. I have been inspired to create my own montage and video now and have started working on that.

I am still trying to find a specific medium and voice within my work, but I don’t ever want to be limited to what I can do. I am so inspired by my teachers and piers and I am constantly learning. My goal is to never compare my work to others or become discouraged by any of my short comings. I am at parsons to find myself within the world of design and I hope to carry as many skills out that I am capable of.

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