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Seminar 4D: Creative Project Proposal

Creative Proposal: Interactive Projection Mapping at the Museum of Sex


Title: Museum of Sex – Behaviour Section Among Mammals

Media and Technology: Interactive projection with guessing game.

Dimension: Actual animation covers an entire indoor wall at the entrance of an exhibition. Once inside this exhibition, characters from the animation will be used as interactive projection mapping entertainments throughout the exhibit. They will cover about 30 cm² each, all displayed on empty wall spaces.


Description: This game will consist of multiple questions asked by the characters from my animation. The characters will be asking these questions in the form of speech bubbles, all displayed on the walls of the exhibition space. The speech bubbles will consist of brief descriptions of normal human sexual behaviors, then questioning the corresponding answer in terms of a specified mammal such as a dog. The goal of the questions will be to guess the same answer in terms of a particular animal’s perspective. This will allow guests to compare and contrast how different animals are in terms of their sexual manners. The questions will come with a barcode displayed next to them; the audience members can use their phone to scan this barcode by downloading the Museum’s App in order to see the answer directly from their phones.


Benefits and Outcomes: This game will be placed in a museum. Before entering the exhibition, my full animation will be played at the entrance to show the audience a sneak peak of the interactive characters inside the exhibit. Once the audience see my characters projected on the walls of the exhibition, they will be familiar with who they are and thus will have an immediate connection with their purpose. The benefit of this game will be to give a brief informative and fun experience for the audience trying to understand sex in the eyes of animals. Using their own phones, the audience will not have to go through a lot of trouble to play the guessing game, all they have to do is download the Museum App to scan barcodes! The audience will remember the information better as they are having fun learning in the first place with the help of their phones.



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