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I think’s very helpful that we have these clear  criteria of Long Life Design. People nowadays are not educated on using Long Life Design. But I do recognize that most of things I own do not fall into those criteria. To pick a Long-lasting products might seems not “fashionable” for some people, but I believe if people follow those steps, the long-lasting products will soon be wanted on the market and more and more sustainable design will be produced.

When I look at these criteria: design, sales, manufacturing, and environment are most important. A long-lasting products  has to be well designed and was able to be produced so that people would buy it. Most importantly, it won’t cost a lot of waste for the environment. The most innovative criterion would be “User” Because you also have to consider what user really want; sometimes, their intentions are quite different from yours.

Listing those criteria are a good way to remind people how buy or make long life products. We sometimes has check list for many things and this is the first time that we set standards for this type of design. It’s never too late to set up criteria for what we are using and making. It’s a starting point . However, How much money do you think people would put in in order to follow those criteria? What happen if people don’t buy them?  We still need to figure out.


The beautiful object

 White Rabbit (candy)大白兔奶糖 is a brand of milk candy that was manufactured by Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food, Ltd. In China. This milk candy represents my childhood. White Rabbit Creamy Candy is white, and is in the  form of cylinders. It’s about 1 inches long and I/4 inches diameters thick.  It’s super chewy and really similar to western taffy. There is also edible rice paper wrapper around the candy.  Each candy is wrapped in a wax paper wrapper. The wrapper has a cute picture of a hoping white bunny.I remember I got those candy everyday from kindergarten teachers and some I beg my grandpa to but them for me. It has this rich creamy test and it’s quiet addicting.
White Rabbit Candy originated at the ABC Candy Factory  in Shanghai in 1943, when a president of from ABC tried a piece of milk candy that’s imported from England, they decided to produce something similar. Later it’s called:  ABC Mickey Mouse.  The first ABC Mickey Mouse candies were packaged using a red mice drawing on the label. Because its cheap price, it gained a lot of popularity and later became companies leading products. In the 1950s, ABC changed it’s label due to revolution and created this cute bunny that we see nowadays.



3) Research the word Anthropocene and post a summary of what you find (around a paragraph). What do you think of this term? Provide one example of how the Anthropocene is affecting New York or your home country.  Include citation links to your research.


Anthropocene, by it’s definition, means the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment. I think it’s an accurate description of 21st century.Humans had been this planet earth’s dictators for several hundred thousands years and the earth had changed gravely. There is even a group called: Anthropocene Working Group that is trying their best to make this world a better place. AWG estimated the mid-20th century represents the potential  beginning of  Anthropocene Epoch.


Humans left plenty of marks on the earth which include human waste that generates populations.  Plastics, carbon dioxide, and other not bio degradable things had store underneath our foot and we don’t know we they are going to disappear.  Species extinction and global warming are unavoidable. According to AWG, the climate became considerably warmer starting from 7000 since the beginning of advanced agriculture and livestock farming.

In my city, I barely see any snow in my city, Shanghai it only snowed twice throughout the 10 years and winter temperature 30 f but barely snow. The mass of smug is increasing everyday.

The epoch of human had so much potential but limited resource as planet earth is dealing with so many pollutions. Maybe there are something more than picking up trashes on the beach. It’s time to bring out something new that would change the history.







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