Bridge Moment Day 2—Fried Fish Sticks And Celebrities

I love eating fried fish sticks. Its crispy outer shells and delicious mushy inside made itself a perfect guilty pleasure for me. Though crispy fried fish might be delicious, the cod fish inside is just some normal frozen fish, only the coat glorified inside. This reminds me of celebrities: they often have a glorified golden shell that drives everyone crazy and obsessed, but deep inside there are just like anybody else.

Frying a fish stick is quiet simple, you are frying a coated fish meat, but what it comes after maybe more complicated. If you leave the fried goodness out for too long, the crust will get soggy and fall apart, even the taste changed. If you look at this dish in other point of view: as you open up’s crust, it’s just a piece of fish. Nowadays, most of the fish sticks are made out of frozen fish. Some snobbish foodies might complain about the quality of them, but when it comes to frying the fish. All of their snobbish remarks despair. My mom used to say that frying makes food taste better. I think that’s true.

(studio illustration works)


Celebrities starting off just like a ordinary frozen fish in the fridge, but for some reason they got  a chance to coat themselves with glorified crust. Everyone seems to love them on the dinner table. But, not everything is perfect. If you waited too long,  the golden shell will fall apart and soon enough, no one wanted to eat them. This is what happen when a celebrity had passed it’s Golden Age and gradually revealing it’s mundane truth self. Most of time, they are ashamed of it. Most of their audience what to see that Golden Crust. A glorified shell is always better than a boring piece of frozen cod fish. Right? That’s the harsh reality of media nowadays.

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