A Weird Dream—- The Fear of Strangers

Since I am a full time student at Parsons, getting enough sleep is not that often and dream is a luxury thing to have. I finally got my 8 hours of sleep today and I dreamed a dream (first one in 2017), but this one is quite bizarre. Here is what happened, if you feel like laughing please do so:

I’m a regular office lady who works at a bank and I have a secret— I am a drug addict. I work my butt off in the office just to make money for my drugs (weird I know). Work and drugs are big parts of my daily routine. I even have a great social life outside of my stingy apartment.

One day, I get a text from a stranger and it say: “I’m watching you and I think you are pretty, can we hangout.” I ignore the text initially but later he/she keep sending the same things over and over again and I start to feel like someone is following me.  I’m furious: Maybe this guy is following me 24/7. So I text him back: “I have no interest in you, please go away. Or else, I will call the police.”  Immediately he/she text back, it’s as if this guy is waiting for me to text back all alone. Here is the text:

Choose one choice out of these two 

A) I’d rather do drugs than go out with you. 

B) I might go out with you, not now

I text “A” back without hesitation. All of sudden, my phone dead and everything around me grow dark and that’s when I woke up.

Certainly, I don’t do drugs, but don’t we all have certain fear of strangers? In daily life, we try so hard to avoid interaction with strangers and indulge ourselves in games, musics, and social media. I think this dream is real, in some parts.


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