My experience in both Seminar and Studio classes definitely forced me to be more creative than I’ve ever been. I enjoyed developing my own project theme and idea because I’ve never done it before. It was challenging but trained me to think in many different angles in terms of media, research, and creativity.

My final project is a one minute long film presenting my sneakers. I wanted to show how people in love with sneakers are crazily obsessed with the shoes that they couldn’t leave them for a second. It is supposed to be a little hilarious and ironic, however it is as true as it is among the sneakers culture. 

My seminar paper is based on how real a fashion blogger is- focusing on Chiara Ferragni, and how her characteristics earn her so many loyal followers. Throughout the research process I realized that passion and enthusiasm is the key to a successful story. Chiara is definitely doing what she loves and stays sincere to herself and her audiences. Therefore I decided to spend my time on where my passion is- sneakers, photography, and film. 

I started out by trying out some shoots in my sneakers and different settings. I liked the outcome but I felt like photos can’t fully express what I want to show my audiences. I realized that it would be a great opportunity for me to try filming, a field that I’ve always wanted to explore. I took a lot of footages and eventually edit them so they fit the change in the music.

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