Sustainable Systems Weekly Reflection – Week2

The news I chose to reflect to for this week is “What if We Stop Pretending The climate apocalypse is coming. To prepare for it, we need to admit that we can’t prevent it.”

It is common to hear about global warning and the two degrees limit we m must keep to avoid catastrophe. And at the same time, people are also told that the situation can be averted according to the scientific research and calculation. However, is it the truth? The author breaks the optimistic scenario most of us hope, and directly tell us that we are near to the tipping point of the environment, and the situation is very possibly not avertible.

The author’s way for waking people up from the optimistic scenario, and start to take actions through this article is really mind provoking for me. It totally makes sense to me that instead of giving people hope, thinking about the worst situation, and being anxious of the verges catastrophe force people to be more aware of the issue. As we are anxious and be a bit more pessimistic, we will pay more attention on ways and things we can do to prevent the tipping point. And we may not think we do enough of it under this kind of worry in mind, which totally encourage us to do more about it. And that is also what we exactly need as it is fact that we are late on the road of preventing it already. We can only do more about it other than just enough actions.

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