The Role Patience has Played in My Work

My work is comprised of multiple mediums. I like using pencil, ink and watercolor on paper, sharpie on laptop case, acrylic on canvas, graphic design on illustrator and photoshop, photography here and there, and, above all, makeup. Within all these mediums, I exercise patience. It takes time to create a product, especially a product I’m proud of. I have to brainstorm, experiment, work on the product, and then take a step back before either finalizing, or scrapping the work and starting fresh. The piece that has taken the most time for me was a portrait I did that was a recreation of a Frida Kahlo portrait. It took upwards of 60 hours in total. I worked in layers in a way I never had. It took time and hard work and determination and skill. It took all my patience. However, I did love what I was doing. I did mess up and redo the colors and shapes at points, but it was worth it in the end. Patience is obviously required in making art, but more importantly, for me at least, is genuine love for the craft.


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