Assignment #10 laser cut polyhedron

For the polyhedron, being able to work in the Laser Lab was such a great experience and I can not wait to use it again. On each piece there is a cut out of a round shape of a wave. I love the water that’s why I chose it. After that I got the remains of a neon pink chock stick and smudged it with my fingers and erased around it. This helped bring out the form of the waves. As for trying to put the pieces together, I was going to get hinges at a store but it was too complicating and expensive to I just made my own with bristol paper. The only thing I bought were the screws. I had to place the screws inside out because I would not have been able to screw all of them in if I did it the other way around. I do like the esthetic look it gives the shape. Normally you look at a polyhedron and see the screws going inside the shape rather then coming out. In this case the screws are coming out in order to make it all work.

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