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Wayne Miller 

Strike capitan during a protest by the parking house workers

The thing that attracted me  to this photograph is that is a portrait and the person really stands out making the background unfocused. I love that it is in Black & White because for me it shows seriousness.


Ian Berry 

A prostest demonstration by students from Witwatersrand University.

This is the second photograph I chose, I love it because of the exchange of looks the women and man are giving to each other both of them with a really secure and serious manner. I like the angle in which it is taken because it shows the whole situation.

Marc Riboud

An American woman confronts the American National Guard outside the Pentagon during the 1967 anti-Vietnam march.

The last photograph I picked is one of my favourites because in my opinion the women standing infront of the armed people shows a lot of coraje and security, but at the same time she transmits a feeling of peace and hope. Also prespective it is on is amazing because it could mean that it is separase in the good and the bad.


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