My first artifact is a diptych of my dog, Henri. The image implies a narrative of him leaving the confinements of his backyard to explore the wilderness beyond. This image relates to my life as I leave the comfort of my home and Dallas and orient myself in New York City. Henri is also my closest companion and has been an integral part of my life for years.



My next artifact is a photograph of a bromeliad flower. Plants are very important in my life—they provide a sense of comfort, hope, and happiness. I also like to draw from nature to fuel my design and artwork. Architecture has a lot to learn from nature with regard to resilience during natural disasters and overall beauty.




My last artifact is a cyanotype of milk overflowing from a mug. I love momentum and depth in my artwork, especially when combined with a sense of ambiguity like in this piece. The natural—almost violent—forms connect to my aesthetic and my emotions when they take volatile form.

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