Drawing+Imaging People: Pen Figure Drawings

After completing my first live-figure drawing session, I felt accomplished being able to see my growth across the 2 hours of sketching. My lines become more intentional, less sketchy, and more anatomically correct. Being very comfortable with charcoal, I approached the drawings with little fear. However, once I was tasked to perform figure drawings in pen, I no longer felt relaxed with my medium. Shading with pen requires much more intentionality and mistakes remain permanent. Having only worked with pen and ink one other time for a landscape drawing, I noticed myself shading the contours of the body in the same way I shaded the shadows of the tree trunks in my previous drawing—resulting in a very unnatural, almost geometric look in my first drawings. I later became more comfortable and loose with the pen, which resulted in more natural lines in my later line drawings.


Lines here, begin to treat the legs and other ligaments as cylinders.

A 30-second figure drawing demonstrates my innital fear of making long, fluid pen strokes.

An experimentation with darker, deeper shading.

Cleaner, more simple shading.

A line drawing, though less realistic, shows for fluid strokes and natural curvature.

My final line drawing embodies female form with simplistic curves and lines.

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