For our Souvenir Project we made two 1. A Puzzle 2. A Pop-socket



The pop-socket is stamped with a simple modification of the original redesign. Believing the icon is a big statement as to what we want the monument to stand for, we decided to make it the main aspect on the pop-socket. The already circular shape was convenient in designing the souvenir. The reason for choosing pop-sockets as our souvenir is mainly because of the essential link between trends and awareness. By placing our logo of the AIDS memorial on an object widely used by the public, it is an automatic act of raising awareness everytime someone lifts up their phones.




One of the souvenirs is a set of triangular puzzle unit. Based on the traditional rectangular shape of the puzzle, we changed it to triangles, referring to the original design of the monument: the “Silence = Death” poster. As the monument aims to create a space for contemplation, this souvenir also encourages users to think and build different patterns as they wish. Users can compose pieces for utility: coasters, rulers, phone holders… or purely for aesthetics.

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