Project Submission for The Collection: Illustrations and Print Design


This collection is a playful, fresh way to interpret the term ‘fetishism’. There are lots of fetish elements incorporate in to the designs like foot-binding in Chinese history, phallic fetish, Amputee fetish, daddy issue, body hair etc. Although this collection is totally different from the ordinary idea of pornographic fetish, it will arouse people in a unique, artistic way.

Final print

Design Key Process

This collection is inspired by my research of the question ‘How does Ren Hang’s Work shows the aspect of Fetishism about Sex’.  It is undoubtedly that when people think about fetish, leather boots, corsets, fishnet,wipes etc., will come up to their mind. However, these elements are mostly come from the western culture, that makes me wonder if there is a certain type of Chinese fetish. This question becomes clear when I saw Ren Hang’s work, they are totally different from the ordinary pornography style, but describe fetish in a artistic, unique way.

During the research, I found out that China actually have a long history of fetishism. For example the foot-binding culture starting from Song Dynasty. I incorporate different kinds of fetish in my design as well as Ren Hang’s personal style. Body hair is an element that always appear in Ren Hang’s photography, it deliver a feeling of crude, sexy and wild, which is also regard as a fetish element.


  1. The bodies, to him, were like building blocks that he could manipulate and play with, and in the process, gender and sexual orientation break down.
  2. Despite a world of nude and explicit images available online, there aren’t many capturing Chinese millennials and their sexuality. Further, Hang’s work is not about intimacy or eroticism; it is a lens on his friends and their desire to celebrate and memorialize their bodies and sexuality in their prime years. His images depict his friends beautifully, while showy, colorful animals, bright red nail polish, fruit, plants and water all play supporting roles.


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