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January 30th Thesis 2 Class Writing

The featured image shows a sketch of possible circuit design for the project. Fusing the edges of the cells may be possible with solder and copper tape (using stained glass processes).

Who is your audience?
My audience is twofold because people might encounter my project in different spaces: in the real world and online
Online, the audience would be someone looking for resources for making DIY solar. These are people with interest in sustainability, building, they would be curious and independent people.
In person the audience would encounter my work in a gallery show of some kind. They would be art goers, which is a diverse crowd. I do not know exactly what person would approach my work.
How well you know your users?
I am an example of a user in both scenarios, so I feel like I am making this project for people like me who wanted to see examples of and simplified research on how to create DIY solar.
How well have you tested your idea with them?
I haven’t yet finished prototyping and so I haven’t been able to test the project yet. I have been exposing my curricula to professors, and I plan to host a workshop later in the spring.

Why should the audience care about the project/you?

Values of my project:

Environmental  ecological alternative to silicon, bioremediative

Scientific           contributing research to a new field

Social                STEAM education, citizen science

Cultural             energy democracy, planetary health model

Artistic              unexplored, unlimited domain, new medium and tool for technologists, designers, and artists

What haven’t they seen in similar products/project? 

My project is uniquely situated between functional, didactic, and mystifying because of the curricula, power source, and artwork involved.

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