Bridge 1 Final

I use photo frame, photoshop images, papers, two kinds LED lights, and crystal to create this artwork. The portrait on the frame was a copy of my old portrait drawing. Then I use photoshop to combine some pictures that I take from different placed that I have been lived in my life. They were Shenyang, Hangzhou, St. Louis, and New York. Also, I use photoshop to change the tones of the pictures. I put my portrait under the cities; because, I want to represent the idea about all the memories that I have had from those places had create me. And the memories are inside of my body in different ways, which they can make my mood become peaceful(based on artificial light detail 1) or melancholy(artificial light detail 2). At the end, I found some crystals from my apartment that I think it can be the reflector of the lights.

Charlene inspired me to use artificial light to create an atmosphere for an art work. Also, the way that Roberts uses his personal items in this project which inspired me that a piece of art work should relate with artist’s real life. I felt that I could see a part of Robert’s life when I was looking at Charlene; therefore, I decided to connect a part of my life/memory zone in one piece of work. I think I had improved the idea of using light; because, I have two types of light in my work.

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