7 days

Day 1

I used cardboard to make a deer for Dan. There are two reasons of why would I make this model. First, Christmas is Dan’s favorite holiday in American culture. Secondly, Dan had shared his first love experience in his childhood. We have a proverb in China, it says there is a deer inside of everyone’s heart, and it will bumping to your heart at the moment when you fall in love with someone. Therefore, I decide to make one deer for Dan; in order to represent the most interesting story in his childhood.

Day 2

Day 3

It was really fun to sing with Dan together after the dinner. He said that he is not good at singing, but I think he did a very good job!

Day 4

Day 5

The first 30-second video, I asked Dan to quickly move his eyebrows, because I know that he has a lot different expressions during the day. It is funny to focus on his eyebrows, and see how it moves.


The second 30-second video, I played rock paper scissors with Dan. We both like to play simple games while we are waiting for the lines, or boring. This little video shows our real life. And we were really playing the rock paper scissors when I was recording Dan’s hand.

The third 30-second video, I recorded Dan’s shoulder movements. Because, he thinks that can very very fun to make a video with it. Also, I like his T-shirt.

Day 6

I was hard to do five different portraits on one day. I tried to draw the portraits in different styles instead of use different materials. They are illustrate 1, splice drawing 2, abstract 3, contour drawing 4, and cartoon 5. I think this is the first time that I look at my friend’s face so carefully. And I always trying to find a symbol of Dan which I find glasses.

Day 7

I made Dan a earring. Because, I know that he has one piercing. I connect the earbob with a silver cube, then twine the black wire on top of the silver cube. Dan is one of my best friend in Parsons, he is a cool boy that he loves fashion and has a dream. He is a scrupulous, gentle, and gentlemanlike person. I wish the little earring can fit his style, and become a lucky thing for his dream.

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