Figure Ground Assignment


In this assignment, I learned how to work with Ai program. This is of the most important and useful program for people who want to do illustration on computer with different styles. I created three different new images by using the same elements from the newspaper collage that I made. And I will explain how did I do those in the following steps.

Step 1: I made a newspaper collage, and  scanned into my computer, then opened it in Ai. I used pen tool to select/divide the different sections in my collage; in order to separate those sections later. I use  twelve penguin’s back to create the body of scorpion in the new image, and use penguin’s body to make the head of scorpion.

Step 2: I copy the same elements from ‘STEP 1′(in the same size as well). Then I use penguin’s back and mouse to create the bird, than make multiple of it. The birds are flying to one direction, the dark.

Step 3: The last one is black part become back ground and white part is the image itself. Therefore, I create an image with one star and two pumpkins. In order to make the negative space.

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