Figure Drawing

It was such a pleasured experience to have real models to draw in the class. All the models are very professional. No matter the attitude, or poses. The beginning was hard to catch the lines from inside to outside. It took me about two class to become familiar of what I should approach. I found the challenge for me was to use pencil to draw the shadow(dark and light) without an outline. I was confused about where should I start with. I am really thanks for my professor’s help, and encourage me to learn this new skill. I am very enjoy the figure drawing with charcoal. It is a lot easier to catch the light and dark after the practice from the pencil. Also, I feel the gesture drawings are quite fun to do; because, I have to keep moving my hands to get the full pose on the paper. Over all, I learned something new, and my experience is very memorable of drawing from the live nude model in this semester.

Documentation from each of the six drawing sessions including: 

5 gesture drawings from each session

longer pose


Section 1: 09/07/2017  #1-30secs # #6-20mins

Section 2: 09/14/2017 # #6.7-20mis #8-30mis

Section 3: 09/25/2017 # #6-10mins #7-20mins #8-30mins

Section 4:missing class on  10/16/2017 (make up drawing section on 11/19/2017) Model: Mikaela Li(My roommate )

#1.2-30secs #3.4.5-1min #6-10mins (she has class after)

Section 5: 10/29/2017 #1.2-30secs(5 on each paper) #3-10 mins for each #4-40mins

Section 6: 11/20/2017 #1.2-30secs #3.4.5-1min #6-20mins #7-20mins #8-40mins

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