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In the social content project, our group visited three different store to see the difference. Each of them are: Gucci on the Fifth Ave. ,Gucci in the Macy’s and WholeSale bag store on the 6th Ave. We all had different jobs to do and I was taking care of the communication part, which is doing interview and asking questions. We tried to interview the manager in the Gucci on 5th Ave., but he only gave us board conclusion or refused to answer many of the questions due to confidential problems.  Fortunately, one of my friend actually works for Gucci and I asked many questions and got answers from him. But the difference is that my friend works in the Gucci in Macy’s ,which will cause difference date and ideas between the Gucci store. But still, some general ideas work very well, such as the most produces customers would buy is shoe, which is cheaper than the bags. Even thought people would bring children with them when they shop in Macy’s, it is interesting that the Gucci in Macy’s does not have children section and watches. Our personal explanation is that those who will shop in Macy’s  would not afford of those expansive children cloth and valuable watches. The intended customers for that Gucci store are actually Gucci fans. Each Gucci store has something different with other stores, which means that something will only available in that Macy’s Gucci. So the customer have to go to this Gucci and get the produce they want. Also, another intended customers will be those who could not buy what they want in other Gucci store, but the item is still available in this store,since not too much of people will actually buying thing in this Gucci store beside tourists.

One thing that is surprising for the WholeSale store is the rental, which is 35,000 per month. The produce price in the store is no more than 25 dollars but they could still keep the store going. If say that they earn 10 dollar as their average bag does, they will need at least 3500 bags to be sold per month in order to pay off their rental.

When considering the location, for the international branding it does not matter where the store is located in term of price, because they already have the big name. But for the individual local brand, location might also be one of the element effecting pricing.

To more detail information, please see another post about this project which is a PPT

Social Content Research PPT

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