Final: Wearable Elements for Reconstructed Fairy Tales

Ruru Zhang/ Lois Nuo

Little Red Cap

Once upon a time there was a sweet little maiden. You could not help but love her once you laid eyes upon her. Her grandmother loves her too much and gives her everything. So the grandmother made her a present, a red velvet cap and a dress, and since the little maiden loves it so much and wears it all the time, people called her the Little Red Cap.

One ordinary weekend, Little Red Cap brought food ,wine and fresh meat, to her grandmother. Grandmother lives in the other side of the city and Little Red Cap needs to go on the subway. She called her grandmother and grandmother is waiting her at home.

As soon as Little Red Cap entered the subway, she met Spacey.  However, Little Red Cap didn’t know how cunning the man is.

“Hey, Little Red.” he said.

“Hi, sir.”

“Where are you going so early, Little Red?”

“Em….To the other side of the city.”

“Another side of the city, em… Where is there?”

“My…. my grandmother’s house.”

“Oh, what a lovely grandchild. What are you carrying with you?”

“Food. My grandmother is sick and weak, and yesterday we have fresh meat and wine so it will help her get well.”

“Where does your grandmother live, Little Red?”

“At the other side of the city. Her house is in Queens.”

Spacey thought to himself, “What a small and weak girl she is. She is so lovely. And her grandmother, must so sick and weak.” A contemptible idea had been made. So he said, “Little Red Cap, why don’t you get some cake for your grandmother before you see her?”

The Little Red Cap thought that would be a good idea to have some cake with her. So she got off few blocks before the grandmother’s home. As soon as she got out of the subway, she texted her grandmother: “The food is on the way.”  So how about Spacey? He went straight to the grandmother’s home.


Little Red Cap have not visited grandmother for a while. Grandmother was now starving without the fresh flesh Little Red Cap brought with her every time she visited. Finally today she got the text message from Little Red Cap. So she placed the key under the carpet as always and waited for the bell ring.


“Who’s there?”

“Little Red Cap, I’ve brought you some cake. Open up.” Spacey stand behind the door.

“Cake? Oh, my sweetie. I am too weak to open the door, there is a key hide under the carpet. Find it and open the door.”

Spacey bowed down and search for the key, and did not notice that someone is standing behind him before he black out.

When Spacey woke up, he was in the grandmother’s home now. The grandmother and Little Red Cap stood in front of him while he was tied on the chair. The Little Red Cap was no longer in her red hood, instead, she was wearing the black dress which her grandmother made.

“What are you doing? Untired me!”

“Oh sweetie, you are too noise.” Grandmother took out her needle and the red thread, stitched on n’s mouth. Little Red Cap stood next to grandmother, with a knife, waiting for the needlework to be finished. “Grandmother, now we have more meat for your sickness.” And she cut the flush of Spacey, piece by piece, from the top to the bottom and put the flesh in grandmother’s dish.


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