Reflection to the Derrick Adams’ installation

I think the exist of the Green book is surprising and reasonable. When talking about African Americans fought for their rights in 20th centuries, we always talk about the “bigger picture” such as what their social status are, what achievement they had, when they have the right to vote and so on. We could continuously pull the important dates and events out of our high school history  but never think deep about their life status and particular situation. The exist of this book is an evidence of what African American were facing at that particular era and how they react and handle the situation in order to survive. This book really inspire me to think about how those important dates and events mean when it comes to individuals life.

The different medias Derrick Adams had use are different materials. By using different marital to create 2D planforms and 3D models, he brought us “into” the book and really consider the situation at that time. By looking into the Green book, Derrick Adams pulls out specific elements in the book and display them into physical world. He builded out doors to represent those hotels and stores entrances; made 3D models of  small scale “lighting” houses to represent the idea of “welcome”; using symbolic hats and wheels to represent cars. There are huge amount of extra research were done in order restore the situations in the book.

After visiting the exhibition, I understand the importance of the connection between my research and my audience. In another words, simply answer the question that “why does it matter? ” and “why does it matter to your audience?”. My research need to have the influence of changing people mind about something and have an actual impact on their individual’s life. I need to give out the solution of my question and made my audience feel that it is what they should think about and what they should do.

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