Observation 1

The observation is for the UC building 7th floor, space in fort of  the Arnhold Forum Library. I did this

from 11:23 to  11: 45p.m., May 30th 2018.

The space is which the elevator at the one end and the library entrance is another end.  There are doors which could access to the bathrooms and library faculties office on one side. And the other side there are windows could look outside the rooftop.

The space is very bright since the nature sunlight goes thought the window. The wall are white and light reflect made the  temperature higher and steamer.

Thought the window, I could see the rooftop of the school which I had never noticed of. There are full of flowers and grass. I wonder what they should do about it when it is winter.

When I was there, three guys and one lady walk in to the library. I guess they are faculties  and workers.

If I need to think a purpose of this space, I could not think of any. Since there are no chairs or table in the space and no one actually “stay” in here. However, if I think of what happen if the space is gone, the answer is quiet easy. If the space does not exist, there will be no room for the elevator and also an access to the bathroom in this floor. This space is a hallway to guide people to find a way to access the floor and the bathroom.


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