Design Idea #1: Activating Urban Spaces

If you walk down to 32nd st. and 5th ave., you could find the best Korean food within that neighborhood. There are so many restaurants located in different floors at those two blocks and whenever the time is, the street is always busy. Since there are so many restaurants, there are lot more wastes produced by the neighborhood than others. And those garbage are usually heap up along the sidewalk taking up spaces and smells a lot. It is not good for pedestrian health and people could not avoid walking in those block since there are restaurants along the way.

Korean town is  between 5th ave. and 6th ave. and usually has a lot of traffic. It is hard for garbage truck to pick up garbage at the daytime or even pick up more often. 

So my idea of changing this situation is that to create a underground tube so the restaurant wastes could have somewhere to collect beside the street.

The idea is that there should be an access to the tube in every restaurant so they do not have to left their place and throw garbage away. In this way, the kitchen could be more clean and organize since and the street could be more friendly to the pedestrians.


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