Who’s Story is this Anyways?

Personal experiences:

I come from the Southern part from China. When I was little, I love the time when summer began. THe weather is not longer chill ( actually the coldest temperature we could possibly  have is about 40 Fahrenheit in winter.) When summer comes, there are some many rains, and it rains badly. So every year we had days off from school. That was the best.   I could feel that springs and fall are no longer for my city. They are so short and we nearly sense them. When I was in primary school, I love the time when fall comes. It is like  one day you wake up and suddenly weather become chilly but very enjoyable. When this time comes,I looking forward everyday wake up and feel the chilly , I love walking down to the street to school, I love when it is class break and my friend and I hanging outside the classroom, I love everything.

Interview(from my mother):

My mother come from a very poor family and no one have AC at that time. However, she felt that it is no need to have AC in summer back then. It was not that hot. And even when it rained, it is not that bad. She said that it rained more but not so hard at once. And when it rains, kids from the street will gather together and play with the water. My mother alway got punished because she came back so dirty with muds.

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