Reflection: Draw String Bag

I faced with many challenges during the process of making the draw string bag, as it was my first time using the sewing machine. Every time I tried to stitch my string on the fabric, the thread continued to fell off from the needle, making it to take much more time than I initially anticipated. After many unsuccessful attempts, I had to try it on a different machine and finally completed stitching aligned to one end. The machine-stitching became more manageable after then, but maintaining a straight line from one end of the bag to the other was rather hard.

Through the project I could experience that even for small items like this bag, with a relatively simple-looking procedure, making them by hands still requires much time and effort; seeing the bag of my own was very rewarding as well.   

I ironed the fabric as it was wrinkled


I folded the end and used the sewing machine to make it fixed.

The sides of the fabric were stitched so that it could form a bag shape

The overall look before the bag was inverted inside out.

I tried to measure the appropriate length of the string.

Finished draw string bag (loosen)

Finished draw string bag (fasten)

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