Thesis Outline

Daylight Saving Time (DST): Kept or Repealed?


  • Anecdote of the terrorist attempt in Israel failed due to an hour difference of DST
    • in narrative form like a beginning of a story
  • Introducing DST
    • definition, historical background, original purpose, etc.
  • Thesis
    • DST beneficial vs. detrimental

Body Paragraph I: Known Benefits of the DST

  • Better use of sunlight
  • save artificial lights
  • more leisure time after work
  • decrease in crime rate

Body Paragraph II: Health Issues

  • Loss of sleep (daytime sleepiness)
  • circadian rhythm, insomnia, seasonal affective disorder
  • increase in car accidents
  • Heat attacks
  • more likely to occur, epecially for older, weaker people

Body Paragraph III: Ineffectiveness of the DST

  • Save energy?
  • increased electricity consummption in the fall
  • More light?
  • not so much near the equator (transition to a different issue)

Body Paragraph IV: Outside of Europe and the US

  • DST is not universal
  • many countries either never tried, or tried and repealed soon after
  • intially started during the wartime
  • Cannot be applied in the same way
  • Geographical differences (equator, climate, system)
  • Ex. China – only one national time over all regions


  • Rephrase the thesis
  • Possible follow up question
  • What could be the factor that makes us continue to observe the DST

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