In Class Assignment April 25

  1. The article connects to the themes of our class such as Long Life Design, in terms of cheapness, functionality, and safety. Tom Dixon designed long life objects that were as inexpensive, easy, and safe to use, as possible. This relates to my work this semester because I am creating Long Life Design, just like Tom Dixon; it will be cheap, easy, and safe to use because I will close my box with lid to safely keep my Bible and my wallet, which holds my passport. I do not think I aspire towards similar practices he did in my final project because I am not going to put a metal or lamp on my objects; they are relatively simple compared to his. Except, I am going to design a cross on top of the lid. I do not know whether this article alters my thought about mass produce design. But I started to learn what it is to create the mass produce design from the article.


           Both my case and wallet have simple overall structures, which would make them relatively easy to repair when they are damaged. In other words, since they do not have any complicated system inside that can only be cared by experts, anyone can fix it without too much difficulty. For my case, I tried to avoid using glue since the sticky material that is strong enough to hold the wood pieces may become difficult to get in the future. I used screws to physically hold the joints, which would be easy to tighten them back when they get loose. Also, the wood is not made of expensive and specific kind of trees that could disappear in the future due to the climate change. For the wallet, the Kombucha leather can be made in a natural way, which does not involve killing any animal species that may become extinct in 50 years. Anyone with basic sewing skill would be able to deal with it when the wallet breaks.

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