Precious Cargo

For this project, Professor Hickman gave each student an egg, and students had to send the egg safely to Professor’s home without breaking it. Unfortunately, I broke my first egg during class and second egg on my way home. I brought the egg flats when I received my third egg to ensure safety, which gave me ideas on how to package my egg for the delivery.

After making sketches, I finalized my design for the project.

I cut the section of the egg flats so that I can have two cones to cover the egg.

I taped the opening to maintain the shape and enclosed the flats with plastic wrap for extra protection.


I went to USPS on Thursday, April 11th to deliver the egg. I put my egg in the box that they provided.

The package arrived safely to Prof. Hickman on Friday.

I had a rough start with this project, which made me feel slightly discouraged initially. The egg was rather fragile, and I was not too sure if it could arrive without getting damaged even after wrapping. To me, treating the egg was somewhat similar to treating a sharp knife, except the other way around; it is the egg, not my hand, that can easily get hurt. Thankfully, the egg was delivered successfully, and I felt a sense of accomplishment. Overall, it was an interesting experience, as it was my first time sending a package all by myself. I wish I had more time to explore around to find a cheaper option, but I was little rushed and pressured due to the difficulty I faced in the beginning. I even made a mistake as I was writing the address on the box, which was embarrassing. But now I think I am better prepared to deal with similar tasks, and I can probably do a better job next time.

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