Student Senate Meeting



I went to Student Senate on Friday, March 15th. Mario, the gold chair of the senate, led the meeting the whole night. In the beginning, all participants introduced themselves, what grades they were in, their majors, hobbies, and personal characteristics. It was a good opportunity for me to get to know about the senators. Each senator had different roles, such as senior drama senator, CoPa director, and Parsons senator.

The presentations the senators gave for the programs gave me a lot of new information, such as funding, in terms of the costs per department, the agenda for this semester regarding the program, what SOUP stands for, their goals to build a collaborative culture, and what dream pudding is.

I kept moving from seats to seats to draw different people and scenes of the Senate. Some of my classmates, Tina, Qiuhong, and Alexis, came to the Student Senate Meeting as well.  

Mathias was one of the presenters, and he talked about the various opportunities available in New York. When he talked about the number of representatives per certain number of students, he stressed the necessity of more students participation in order to have enough Representatives and senators to run the senate. While we paid undivided attention to the presenters, we shared our relevant opinions and asked them questions. Although I was not prepared to ask any meaningful questions, watching the overall process made me want to dive into the discussion as well.

The meeting lasted even after 8:30 pm, and according to a senator, it is typical for a meeting to last all night. I cannot imagine maintaining such a conversation about politics for so long. But overall, I really enjoyed the meeting as I gained a lot of new information about other students, school programs, and goals of the Student Senate.  


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