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Bridge 1: Call and response – Barbara Friedman

This project started from the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art of groups of artists who texted each other with photos or videos but no words. The form of this artwork was what made many people interested. It wasn’t the usual painting or sculpture we see as an artwork. When it comes to art, I think form could be essential in the deliverance of the message. This new form the group of artists used; texting, was very different from the past forms and was what sparked the interests of viewers. Texting pictures showed the viewers the a point of view of the artists, and a wide range of pictures were shown. From a bug in the soup to a baby coming to the world and this particular form made the artwork more in touch and closer to the younger viewers who are so used to texting.

The project based on this work at the met for Mathis and I was very similar. We started off with the idea sending pictures back and forth whenever we saw something. Each picture had a connection with the last one the other person sent. To show this connection which may not have been too obvious for the viewers, we stitched through the pictures like a treasure map. In this progress, we used red yarn because it reminded us of an old asian myth that people who are fated to meet each other are connected with a red string tied to their fingers. We left the ball of yarn at the beginning and left some excess at the end to show that this connection can continue on even after we were done presenting. This new type of form opened our eyes to a new type of art.




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