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Reflection and Moving Ahead – Barbara Friedman

Bridge 5 Studio

Over the semester, I became more experimental. The first few projects, my projects were mainly drawings on a piece of paper because I was limited to the thought that art means drawing and painting. As I started to learn more, I experimented with different medias and forms to express my thought process and this opened me up. I became more open and vulnerable to change and I wasn’t that afraid. I portrayed myself as this pigeon because they are birds that are all over the place both in Seoul, Korea and New York. In both cities, people aren’t exactly very favorable of the bird but they still coexist. When people see a pigeon that’s harmed, we all feel at least a bit of sympathy. This bird that seems to be hated in both cities but is actually cared for if harmed seemed like me. I felt so out of place, average and common all the time like this bird. The bird is on the tray like a dissection because that’s how I felt. Exposed. But despite the fact that I was open, people could look and be interested in this new information and learn from this. I feel like people around learned more about me through my opening up.

The reason I chose books as my media was because I felt like an open book as I started to explore more into new areas of art. People could read my works and have different interpretations based on their own experience.

The organs represented by the pouches are the things that kept me going through the semester. Opening them up gives the viewer more control, showing how every one of you watching and opening the pouch influence me in different ways.





After being opened:

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