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Structures and Absence of Structure – Anna Harsanyi

While walking through the small strip of land we were assigned, I noticed that there were a lot more structures, systems and rules where we live. There were the smallest things such as coffee cups left behind or decorative tiles, while there were more obvious absences such as an empty car or an area without a store. These absence in structure was created from people living their lives, from purposeful aims to show a certain message but also accidents. I thought it was interesting how structures are everywhere around us.

Absence of a shop

Absence of a trash can/ wine in the bottles

Absence of the bricks – not doing it’s job

Absence of clips on the holder

Absence of the essenial oil in the place of the holder

Absence of lipstick in the holder

Absence of eyeshadow

The difference in the placement and the back side empty/ absence of vegetables

Vegetables in the trash – not doing it’s job

Absence of apples in some places

No usage of the clips

Coffee cup left alone – empty, so absence of structure

Bicycle left unused

Bench that is broken

Cardboard box empty and thrown away

Bicycle chains that is broken and rusted

Empty car

Gloves not being used

Decoration on the wall that is not looked at and has been on for a long time

Decorative pumpkins left to decay

Newspaper storage that is empty

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