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Personal Walk – Matthew Jensen

My walk was based on 3 main places that I went to a lot for comfort after arriving to New York.


After walking from the University Center to my dorm for months, the one place that kept calling my name was Dorado Tacos. It had a weird homey-ness to it and I could never stop seeing that one sign on Wednesdays that said “Wednesday Special, $1.99 Baha Tacos!.” After walking by it a couple time, I finally decided to be brave and went inside. After that first time, I went there on so many Wednesdays for tacos. College students go well with good, cheap food and this was the best possible combination for me. I wanted to give this experience to other people, so they could enjoy it as well. So, this was the first stop of my walk.

The Strand bookstore was a magical place that drew me in the first time I was in front of it. I’ve always liked bookstores so this place fascinated me because there were so much variety, from 79 cent books to very ancient and rare ones. I’ve taken my friend from highschool to this place and we made memories, and I love to walk by the cheap books outside and look for hidden gems. I think it helped my calm my nerves through the school year.

The Halloween Adventure store is the most unexpectedly amazing place I’ve been to in New York. When I first went in, it was half forced because my roommate wanted to go in and I had very low expectations. Who would be excited about a halloween store? Well Once I was in, the variety of costumes and the size of the store surprised me. There were 2 floors of costumes, makeup, decorations and more and it was a wild experience. I wanted to tell more people about this special place that I walked through and had a good laugh out of when I was down.

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