Hyperreal – Dust Mask


  1. involving or characterized by particularly realistic graphic representation
  2. distorting or exaggerating reality

Hyperreal is kind of a scary word for me. It makes me think about how life happens in a primitive state, how everything eats another living thing in order to keep existing. Only to reproduce, die, and be eaten by another living thing through decay. Hyperreal reminds me that even humans are animals too. When I dwell on the concept of hyperrealism, it just provokes images and videos I’ve seen of animals catching, killing and eating one another. I’m not sure why.

I’ve created a mask that describes this state of being. Nature has order and beauty, however it is also so brutal and horrible. The mask has the wild appearance with feathers and a hidden expression. Nature may be beautiful, horrible, balanced yet chaotic, and primal… but nature doesn’t express or feel any of these things. It just does as it will, with no feeling or thought! Nature extinguishes life that had just begun without a blink.




New School student.

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