Drawing Post 1


Value of Cloth Drawing. I drew black cloth with illuminated lighting, learning the lesson of highlights and shadows while blending. After the critique, I was advised to make my highlights darker since it was a black material.




Positive and Negative space of stools. I enjoyed this assignment because it made me think in a different way, and it also influenced my future pieces in other classes as well. Next time, I would be more careful with my shapes, and blending of the deep lines into the lighter ones.


Value drawing of a dinosaur at the Museum of Natural History. I loved being so precise and detailed with the shading and cracks in the bones, it gave it a realistic approach. However, I would watch my proportion and value range next time.


Linear Landscape of Central Park. I like the composition of the piece a lot, and the detail of the trees. However, I would increase the value range, make the rocks deeper in value, and be either more detailed or more vague with the grass.


Linear Drawing of Paper Bags. I found this assignment difficult without the shading, but it was interesting giving it more depth without it. Overall, I’d try to be more detailed and continue to work on the value range.


Linear and Value drawing of a Met Sculpture. I enjoyed this piece because I feel that I did capture the fluidity, and decent value to the statue. Next time, I’d be careful with the detail of the legs, and be more rigid with the base section to contrast.


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  2. irmayanti · May 22, 2017 Reply

    Very good picture, can you teach me how to give shadow and lighting on picture?

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