infographic draft 2


A digital Infographic of the places I’ve lived: Battle Creek, Chicago, and New York City. I used three maps to show the location of each place, symbols of what type of living environment it was, symbols of the type of transportation to each place I took, and illustrations of an iconic object associated with that place. I wanted it to be nostalgic of past memories, so I took pictures of old pictures from each place. I took one focused, the other blurred, then cut the two together to highlight some pictures but not all. I used a basic color theory, but just chose the most prominent colors from all of the photos as a whole. My biggest concern is the text and having it blurred into the pictures too much. I might have taken the nostalgia concept a little too far, but I feel that it came across as personal and warming which was the end intention.


infographic 2

Here was my original layout that limited the infographic and I am glad I chose a different concept.

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