Farewell, Studio Post

Throughout the course of Memory, I really appreciated how it was portioned off to different aspects of memory. Challenging me between past, and present especially within my personal self. Therefore, it will help me learn to take a concept and dissect it into different approaches. I have also learned that process, planning, and teamwork are definitely a lot of work, but successful in the end.

As for my work, I have really pushed myself in different ways. Whether it was dedicating a lot of time for one project or using new mediums, I was very experimental. Out of all of my pieces, I really appreciate my first piece, Tessellate because it bridged my drawing class with the Integrative Studio mindset and philosophy. It was the perfect way to showcase my aesthetic. Yet I also really love my stop motion film because of the amount of time I put in and how it actually got the message across well. My least favorite project was the partner project, deconstructing the memory. I felt that the assignment filled with many technicalities got in the way of creativity for the audio, and my response art felt underwhelming for my taste. But I have definitely moved past it, learned from the flaws, and revived my momentum for the next assignment. Therefore, I feel I have the capabilities to play with new mediums, new amounts of time/devotion, and new ways to articulate during my artistic process.

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