Senior Thesis 2: Week 14– Coronavirus Diaries Revised Sketches

Coronavirus Diaries Revised Sketches 1

Coronavirus Diaries Revised Sketches 2

Coronavirus Diaries Revised Sketches 3

Since my last post related to the Coronavirus Diaries project, I was given some advice by my professors regarding my sketches:

  • Keep the number of panels to 12 (maximum)
  • Keep first 7 panels and create a title frame (Prof. Maelle said they were great!)
  • Get rid of panels 8-9
  • Get rid of panels 14-16
  • Get rid of panels 17-19, and Panel 21  (but keep Panel 20)
  • No political caricatures of Trump and the GOP or “superhero-ish” melodrama!
  • More realistic style

For my new sketches, I cut down the story of the comic to only 12 panels (the first four are shown above), and mustered the resolve to draw my panels in pen and Copic multiliner, rather than solely pencil. I also did drafts of how I want the text to look (I am still debating as to whether I want to have the text boxed or leave it free-floating below the panels/frames, or whether to include them within the panels/frames), and opted for a more realistic style rather than simple cartoonish style (thanks to guidance from the Prof). I’m having trouble visualizing how I want the content inside of my frames to look, though… and I really want this project to be great, hence why I’m taking my sweet time with it (and why I only have a third of my new sketches complete).

In addition, I got rid of the political cartooning segment near the end and the part where I imagine myself literally on the front lines fighting the virus (with medical personnel being military personnel), because I didn’t want to necessarily make light of the serious, personal tone of my comic, and because I wanted to focus it more on my day-to-day life, and my family. As you can probably tell, this Coronavirus-related project is a huge departure from what I’m used to drawing or writing stories about (fantastical tales/superhero comics/science fiction).

To save time, I am thinking of perhaps using some of my new sketches as final pieces, since I recognize the deadline for the comic is in two weeks (April 28), and I expect to be overwhelmed in the next few weeks with final projects, essays, and assignments from other classes. If I think I can’t get the project done by the deadline, I will switch gears and focus on my gallery show for the end of the year, or work on some day to day drawings to kill time.

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