7 days of Responding to Visual Culture


Photographed by Chris Schmid, National Geographic

This image was found on the National Geographic website (a magazine that primarily focuses on nature). It shows animal interaction in nature.

China Crisis


This image shows the effects of air pollution and how China is suffering because of it.

Hurricane Irma

NASA satellite image

This image shows a natural disaster. Although the disaster is “natural”, the increasing amount of natural disasters that occur are caused by human caused climate change.

Steam Pipe

Photographed by me, taken on 15th street

The steam increases the temperature of the city, contributing to a urban climate bubble.


Photographed by me, taken on 15th street

Litter is a form of pollution. It’s very common in cities such as NYC but when it washes into the oceans, it hurts the wildlife.

Beluga Sneaker Mask

Zhijun Wang, ZJ Design

This piece is ironic because it is a mask that protects people from the air pollution that was caused by the production of the shoe.

Forêt (Night Garden)

Louise Bourgeois

This piece is an abstract form of a garden. It is a beautiful interpretation of the environment.

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  1. crisb224 · January 29, 2018 Reply

    What if the entire world NEEDED these?
    What if form cam before function?
    What if it was shapeless?
    What if this was made without form?
    What if repetition did not exist?
    What if you are born with out breathing clean air?
    What if this is the food of the future?
    What if air becomes a item sold to the wealth?
    What if contrast was near none existent?
    What if you look at the negative space around the form?
    What if the poor can not breath?
    What if they die even before starvation?
    What if we walked through poison?
    What if this was sewn into your face?
    What if the fabric became like a second skin? .

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