Taxonomy: 20 Questions

How does trash become part of beach culture? How have people’s perspective of beaches changed over time?

How can humans reduce their waste?

What are the most common objects that are littered on beaches?

What are the most dangerous pollutants to sea life?

How can packaging be changed so that it cannot be mistaken as small fish?

What role does trash play a part in coral bleaching?

What are other threats to coral reefs?

What role does coral play in their ecosystem?

Have ocean life adapted to human disruption of nature?

What types of fish are larger fish mistaking trash for?

How is the food chain in the ocean being disrupted?

How does media, such as film, affect people’s perspective of the ocean?

What other types of ocean pollutants are there?

How can tourism and beaches be monitored?

How can waste disposal be more effective?

What effort has been made to clean up beaches?

What are the harms, if any, of recreational fishing?

How has the popularity of boardwalks encourage pollution?

How has urbanization contributed to ocean pollution over time?

How does pollution harm birds, such as seagull?

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