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Project Deconstruction Exercise


Project overview: Create a model of a memorial that you create.

Concept overview: In Loving Memory of the Patriarchy is a memorial site for the heroes that have inspired and supported women.

Contextual Research: I was researching the Me Too Movement and Dr. Ford and I came across the open letter which led me to search for other open letters and that moved me to think of creating a place that gives thanks and where these letters can be publicly read.

Material research: I started by watching lots of youtube videos on casting items in resin, sawing wood, and pressing flowers. Next, I made much smaller versions of the final product by using soap trays. Then I started a long period of trial and error until I had two pieces that were usable.


letter- New York times and Me Too leaders


Location: This memorial would be placed at Jefferson Market Garden. The garden is surrounded by flowers, a pond, and greenhouse. I believe that due to the seriousness and traumatic memories this memorial can bring up that it was better to place it in an area that feels safe and peaceful as opposed to somewhere like Central Park where the memorial would get more exposure. The site was also used to house a women’s prison that was shut down due to the terrible conditions there and I’d like to transform that area of women’s suffrage to one that can inspire women. Also because the site is a community garden it will bring in the public and because of this, the monument would bring awareness to the gravity of sexual assault.

Inspiration- At the time that we were assigned the project Brett Kavanaugh had been appointed to the supreme court. I wanted to show how important Christine’s sacrifice was as well as have something that could continue her fight.

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