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Met in class activity

The object I have chosen is called Man and Centaur. This is a mythical creature both part horse and man. This figure was made out of bronze. The Greek artists of the geometric period created this piece around the same time as the funerary krater. The man (perhaps named Herakles) in the figure appears to be stabbing the centaur.  The figures are only 11.1 cm tall. The sculptor has also changed these body parts into basic shapes instead of proportional sizes. The reason why I chose this object because I was interested in the relationship between the two creatures in the figure. I initially assumed the figures were embracing and that the creatures are women because of the waist and hips of them but after inspecting them further they are clearly male and the interaction between the two is most definitely not pleasant but instead incredibly violent and fatal. The uses for this item are primarily as offerings to the gods as they were found in sanctuaries. As an offering, I wonder what god they offered it to and if they had different meanings as offerings with what sculptors chose to sculpt. There are also multiple viewpoints to this object because of the negative space in the figure.

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